Unlike his angel brethren, Michael believes that humanity is worth fighting to save. At the outbreak of The Extermination War, he left his kind to join the fight against his brother Gabriel and his armies of possessed. As General Riesen’s chief advisor, Michael proved an invaluable ally. Since the end of the war, Michael has made Vega his home. From atop the Stratosphere hotel, he keeps a watchful eye, dedicated to protecting the city from angel threats

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guillermo meraz

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travtrav87 So this just happened at the #gameofthrones beer launch party. #pedropascal posing with my #moonstick from #sailormoon

mother of god

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10/10 FAMILY

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eddie redmayne being the most brick accurate marius just based on his awkward facial expressions

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get to know me meme: [3/10] bands/musicians
florence and the machine - ”There is love in your body but you can’t hold it in, it pours from your eyes and spills from your skin. Tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks, and the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts”

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Title: Burn Artist: Ray LaMontagne 31,325 plays

Burn by Ray LaMontagne

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When I die spread my ashes at Comic Con because that’s probably the only way I’ll ever get there.

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i said to the sun, tell me about the big bang. the sun said, it hurts to become.

andrea gibson, i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out  (via flowerfari)

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pinup/rockabilly blog x

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It’s like if, instead of bursting into a maelstrom of fire, the Hindenburg had just sprung a leak and sunk slowly to the ground in New Jersey over a period of seven hours, emitting a thunderous “fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-” the whole time.

The Slow Motion Train Wreck That Is the 50 Shades of Grey Movie Has a Trailer Now

Saw the trailer. And the response is… “Meh.”

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I also saw the trailer. This is accurate. Also, the Mary Sue is DEAD ON about the trailer having a horror movie feel.

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