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Tattooed model and footballer Stephen James with Sports Illustrated model Vanessa Lorenzo in ‘Moda En La Piel’

Photographer: Nico | Stylist: Juan Cebrian | Digital technician: Felix Valiente | Photography ast: Sergi Hernandez & Amets Hiriondo | Make-up: Sonia Pefia | Hair: Jordi Fontanals | Production: Marina Khabieva

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dogs are so fucking stupid i want 20

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Put my head back, close my eyes, wade into the quiet of the stream

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  • Literally everyone in OoTP: Sirius stay inside the goddamn house
  • Sirius: To quote Hamlet Act III Scene iii line 92, “no”.

Ben Howard covers Call Me Maybe in the Live Lounge

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People dressing as zombies for Halloween? Deeply offensive. Not easy living with Partially Deceased Syndrome…

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I’m a month early on this, but I can’t wait.

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i have a serious problem and it’s called spirk in panties

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#favourite harry potter headcanons

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disney ladies + books

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